L&S Pallet Racking & Storage Systems
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Easy Picker Title
Make loading and unloading pallets an easy task;

  • reduce handling injuries
  • reduce pallet hire
  • increase safety
  • increase efficiency and profits
  • Easy Picker
    Drum Lifters & Handling Title
    Drum lifters make moving drums easy;

  • mechanical and powered available
  • small types for tight positions
  • models that fit onto forklifts to lift two drums at once
  • drum rotators also available
  • Drum Lifters & Handling
    Hand Stackers Title
    Cost efficient way of moving pallets and products;

  • no license required(safe working procedures to be followed)
  • lift height up to 2500mm
  • lift capacity up to 1200kg
  • Hand Stackers
    High Lift Pallet Truck  Title
    Great pallet truck for getting that extra height needed;

  • 1000kg capacity
  • easy to lift
  • reduce the risk of back injuries
  • lift height up to 800mm
  • High Lift Pallet Truck
    Electric Platform lifts Title
    Electric platform lifters to raise products to a suitable height to work on;

  • reduce bending over
  • remote easy-control power systems
  • convenient for maintenance
  • Electric Platform lifts
    Power Pallet Truck Title
    The Electric Pallet Truck has;

  • full electric movement and lifting
  • exceptional manoeuvrability  to minimize manual handling
  • compact design, ideal for narrow/tight spaces
  • Power Pallet Truck
    Lift Table Title
    Lift tables elevate and lower as you load or unload pallets;

  • need to bend reduced
  • pallets kept at waist height
  • adjustable to different load requirements
  • fitted with a turn table
  • pallet truck and forklift entries for easy relocation
  • galvanised, stainless and painted finishes available
  • Lift Table
    Scissor Lift Tables Title
    Scissor lift tables eliminate back injuries;

  • operated by hydraulic rams
  • lift capacities available from 150- 1000kg
  • table sizes from 220 x 750 to 810 x 1909
  • lift heights from 750mm – 1300mm
  • Scissor Lift Tables