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Access Equipment Title

Step-up stools, ladders, stock & order pickers to make those high shelves easier to reach.

Use for;

  • shelf stacking
  • maintenance work
  • reaching the height you need
  • they come in a large range of heights
  • Access Equipment
    Convex Mirrors Title
    Want to know what’s coming? Install a convex mirror;

  • large and small sizes available
  • indoor and outdoor models available
  • dome mirrors available
  • ceiling or wall mount
  • can be used on pallet racking
  • Convex Mirrors
    Skates &  Dollies Title
    Great for moving large items in confined spaces

  • Skates are maintenance free
  • fitted with rubber surfaces
  • 2-6 tonne capacity
  • Wheeled dollies available with capacities from 30 to 860kg.

    Skates &  Dollies
    Bulk Handling Title

    Large rotomoulded tubs ideal for transporting & storing;

  • food
  • pharmaceuticals
  • chemicals
  • farm produce
  • anything
  • Bulk Handling
    Wheelie Bins Title
    Keep your workplace clean & tidy with wheelie bins

  • two sizes
  • four colours
  • replacement parts available
  • Wheelie Bins
    Work Platform Title

    Work Platform
    Stillages Title
    Metal stillages for storage of non stackable items;

  • mesh sides
  • foldable
  • galvanised
  • solid floor option
  • Stillages
    Container Ramps Title
    To get the forklift into the container use Total LIFT & STOR’s ramp;

  • very strong
  • moved into place by forklift
  • folds for storage
  • locking chains to keep it in place
  • range of sizes
  • Container Ramps
    Conveyors Title

    Shift goods faster and easier in your factory or loading dock or use as an infeed or outfeed solution on your machines.

    Extendable, flexible or fixed conveyors available in gravity or power feed to suit all applications.

    Expandable Conveyors Title
    A unique conveyor which is quickly set up and packed away when not in use. Ideal for;

  • packaging lines
  • loading transport vehicles
  • manufacturing lines
  • Expandable Conveyors
    Gravity Conveyors Title
    Ask about our range of gravity conveyors;

  • steel or nylon rollers
  • extra heavy duty rollers available
  • different widths available
  • adjustable height stands
  • 45 & 90 degree curved pieces available
  • Gravity Conveyors
    Strapping Machine Title
    Strapping machines;

  • keep products together for transport
  • automatic and semi-automatic options
  • simple maintenance
  • affordably priced
  • durable and reliable
  • Strapping Machine
    Stretchwrap Machines Title
    Stretch wrapping machines make pallet wrapping easy. Simply place your loaded pallet on the disc and the machine protects and secures the load to the pallet.
    Stretchwrap Machines
    Scales Title
    Pallet scales for keeping track of product weight- get your transport costs right!

  • 200 gm – 3000 kg capacities available
  • crane scales up to 10,000kg
  • pallet beam scales up to 2000kg
  • farm weighbridges up to 80,000kg
  • Scales