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Bins, Buckets & Boxes Title

Bins, Buckets & Boxes for;

  • small parts
  • liquids
  • you name it?
  • a size for every need
  • Bins, Buckets & Boxes
    Utility Bins & Micro Bins Title

    Keep your tools clean and organised with a Total LIFT & STOR tool cabinet;

  • many different sizes to choose from
  • adjustable shelves inside
  • many brackets, hooks, attachments to add-on
  • Utility Parts Bins
    Stacking Containers Title
    Stackable containers suitable for;

  • small parts storage
  • confined areas  and where there is limited space
  • where containers need to be moved about
  • Stacking Containers
    Vented containers Title
    These containers are essential for storing items that need air movement around them.

  • manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene
  • strong
  • durable and relatively lightweight.
  • Vented containers
    Plastic Pails Title
    Our pails come in many sizes for storing, moving and dispensing products and liquids.
    Plastic Pails
    Fibre Parts boxes Title
    Great for small storage

  • made with recycled material
  • high fire resistance
  • many sizes
  • low cost
  • Fibre Parts boxes
    Louvre Panel Micro Bins Title

    For storage of small parts

  • versatile
  • sit on bench tops
  • hang on louvre panel
  • Great for use in;

    • assembly lines
    • schools
    • storerooms
    Louvre Panel Micro Bins
    Compactor Units Title
    Short on Space? Need files or small parts kept dust free? Our compacting shelves system offers;

  • a space saving alternative
  • easy to move
  • large range of sizes
  • available in different colours
  • mechanical & motorised available
  • we offer a warranty and maintenance program
  • Compactor Units
    Laboratory Cabinets Title
    Keep those special items safe and secure

  • lockable
  • very strong
  • safe for chemicals
  • Laboratory Cabinets
    Tool Cabinets Title
    Keep your tools clean and organised with a Total LIFT & STOR tool cabinet;

  • many different sizes to choose from
  • adjustable shelves inside
  • many brackets, hooks, attachments to add-on
  • Tool Cabinets
    Drawer Systems Title
    Small parts are easily stored and kept safe with Total LIFT & STOR’s drawer systems;

  • brands available include Boscotek, BOC, Actistor & Metalsistem
  • many sizes
  • lockable
  • different colours
  • mobile
  • available with worktops
  • Drawer Systems
    High Density Storage Title

    Very small parts are easily stored in these high density storage units;

  • small electrical parts
  • machine parts
  • dust proof
  • lockable
  • mobile available
  • High Density Storage
    Parts Storage Cabinets Title

    Storage cabinets designed to house smaller sized products;

  • maximum storage capacity in a minimum area
  • can be fitted with doors
  • compact sizes
  • lockable
  • Parts Storage Cabinets
    Utility Cupboards Title

    Cabinets specially designed to fit utility bins and plastic containers.

    Utility Cupboards
    Lockers Title
    Ideal for your staff

  • personal
  • lockable
  • several sizes available
  • different colours
  • Lockers
    Metal Cupboards Title

    Metal cupboards are great storage for office storeroom and workshop;

    dust free
    different sizes available

    Metal Cupboards
    Stationery Cupboards Title

    Lockable, dust free stationery cabinets in different sizes for;


    Stationery Cupboards
    Tambour Door Cabinets Title
    These cabinets are great for confined areas as there are no swinging doors, therefore an effective use of space.
    Tambour Door Cabinets
    Vertical Filing Cabinets Title

    Designed for storing plans and large size paper work

    easy to use
    efficient use of space

    Vertical Filing Cabinets
    Vertical Plan Cabinets Title
    A suspension system for maps and plans;

  • lockable
  • easy to access
  • huge capacity- store up to 1200 sheets
  • Vertical Plan Cabinets
    Counters Title
    The Total LIFT & STOR counters are suitable for many situations;

  • hardwares
  • shops
  • service departments
  • fitted with chest of drawers, sliding doors or lift-up benches if needed
  • surfaces available include timber, metal & vinyl
  • Counters
    Workbenches Title

  • different tops available
  • range of accessories for hanging or placing products and tools on
  • Workbenches
    Workstations Title

    Modular workstations are easily adapted for different projects;

    height adjustable
    components fit seamlessly together

    Workplace Ergonomics Title
    Total LIFT & STOR can provide ergonomic products that make your workplace;

  • efficient
  • effective
  • safe
  • Workplace Ergonomics