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Trolleys Title

When it comes to material handling, We have a trolley to shift it.

Platform trolleys
Order picking trolleys
Laundry trolleys
Book trolleys
Folding trolleys
Stacked chair trolleys
Carton trolleys
Cleaners trolleys
Hospitality trolleys
Drum trolleys
General purpose trolleys
Shopping trolleys
Porters trolleys
Bin trolleys
Clearing trolleys
Mail trolleys
Industrial tilting trolleys
Beverage trolleys
Sack trolleys
Refridgerator trolleys
Appliance trolleys
Oxy-acetylene trolleys
Keg trolleys
Luggage trolleys
Stainless steel trolleys
Instrument trolleys
Janitor trolleys
Custom made
Appliance Trolleys  Title
Move those bulky items with ease;

  • up and down stairs
  • ideal for narrow and/or tight spaces
  • Appliance Trolleys
    Folding Trolleys Title
    Convenient to take with you

  • light-weight
  • two models- standard (6kg) and jumbo (9kg)
  • load capacity 100kg
  • both fit into car boot
  • Folding Trolleys
    Laundry Trolleys Title
    Designed for carrying laundry, these trolleys are useful in;

  • hospitals
  • aged care homes
  • schools
  • general use in a warehouse
  • strong and easy to move
  • Laundry Trolleys
    Stock Trolleys Title
    Check out our large range of trolleys. If we don’t have what you need, ask- we can custom build a trolley to suit your requirements.
    Stock Trolleys
    Wire Trolleys Title
    Wire trolleys used by food industries and in freezer rooms;

  • up to 400kg capacities
  • extra shelf available
  • four or six wheels
  • Wire Trolleys
    Utility Carts Title
    Robust and sturdy utility carts with base and waist height shelves suitable for;

  • general factory
  • health lines
  • retail goods
  • food services
  • office use
  • Utility Carts
    Claxmobile Title
    The clever folding cart can be collapsed quickly and easily at the push of a button;

  • two large load platforms, 60 kg capacity
  • block brake
  • holding devices for boxes
  • upward folding load platform
  • removable wheels
  • wheels made of injection moulded plastic and aluminium components
  • weight of cart 7kg
  • Claxmobile
    Hand Trucks Title
    For easy shifting of;

  • furniture
  • files
  • any special needs
  • check out our range
  • Hand Trucks
    Rotatruck Title
    Amazing self supported hand truck;

  • leaves hands free to open doors
  • works in all directions (including sideways)
  • fully supports the load
  • Rotatruck
    Rough Terrain Truck Title

    Designed for special applications including;

  • building sites
  • garden centres
  • areas with difficult terrain
  • large rubber wheels
  • 1 tonne capacity
  • lift height 150mm
  • adjustable fork width
  • Rough Terrain Truck
    Walkie Stackers Title
    The answer to moving pallets and goods in small spaces;

  • range of lift heights and capacities
  • Walkie Stackers
    Security Roll Cage Title
    Full security A-frame cage used for moving goods on kerb side deliveries;

  • 600kg capacity
  • can be padlocked
  • different castor types available
  • foldable when not in use
  • Security Roll Cage
    Galvanised Pallet Trucks Title
    Corrosion resistant pallet trucks for

  • abattoirs
  • chemical manufacturers
  • anywhere where corrosion may be a problem
  • Galvanised Pallet Trucks
    Pallet Trucks Title

  • 3 position handle control
  • totally sealed hydraulic pump
  • no license required(safe working procedures to be followed)
  • two year warranty
  • Pallet Trucks
    Wheels & Castors Title

    Ask us about our large range of wheels and castors for every need from the heavy duty workshop to the office;

  • galvanised, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic options
  • steel, nylon, urethane or rubber cast wheels
  • Wheels & Castors
    Custom Hand Trucks Title
    Need a custom designed trolley? Total LIFT & STOR can design and produce the trolley for your needs.
    Custom Hand Trucks